The Laundrygg – the latest addition to the RYGG module family takes care of the laundry in your camping van

With our experience in designing and manufacturing hanging storage systems in campers and mobile homes, we are now turning to what can sometimes be a dirty topic: our laundry.

If we are on the road with the bus for a long time, we need a suitable means of keeping the vehicle free from flying clothes. If you are not satisfied with a modest cloth bag or a simple laundry bag, you now have the option of stowing your worn wardrobe in the Laundrygg in a practical and stylish way.

The module, specially designed as a laundry container, not only fits perfectly with every single seat RYGG, but also looks great. Organizing systems from the RYGG series that are already installed in the bus can be seamlessly supplemented with a Laundrygg; the laundry bag shares the color palette with the other organizer bags available from us.

With a pull on the zipper, your laundry is packed odor-tight and opaque – until you stop at the laundromat. Since the tried and tested push-button system from VANTALE is also used here, the full laundry bag can be easily removed in a few simple steps.

Laundrygg laundry bag

Product features

  • Extremely robust, abrasion-resistant material
  • Waterproof and dirt-repellent
  • Easy to remove and reinstall
  • Color matching the RYGG product line
  • Versatile in use

Of course, the storage module can also be used to safely store other travel items. Books, magazines or laptops find a safe place to stay in the Laundrygg for the entire duration of the trip.


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