The Paper Roll Holder – saves time and nerves in the camper kitchen

The Paper Roll Holder – saves time and nerves in the camper kitchen

Paper cleaning wipes are an indispensable part of any camping equipment, especially if the bus has a kitchen or children are on board. Loose napkins or rolling kitchen paper can cause more work than they save, which is why we, as a specialist in storage systems in motorhomes and VW buses, have added another extremely useful product to our selection of camping gadgets.

Some of you may be familiar with it from home: kitchen rolls that are used freely or hanging on a smooth wall surface tend to rotate further than necessary. The annoying rewinding of household paper is now a thing of the past, because the fibers of the baseplate prevent the roll from unrolling. Whether you are hastily reaching for a paper towel or while driving through rough terrain, the weight of the roll always creates enough friction to hinder the kitchen paper from becoming unintentionally independent.


The advantages at a glance

  • Protection against unintentional rolling
  • Compatible with the RYGG system by VANTALE
  • Fully assembled with two clicks
  • Customizable width
  • Separate baseplate available


VANTALE Paper Roll Holder

Practical van life utensil in the expected VANTALE quality

Our kitchen roll holder consists of two nylon loops from our RYGG system and a connecting cord that serves as a suspension for the paper roll.

Mounted on a single seat base plate, this module requires five push buttons horizontally. Another hook can be attached to the remaining sixth push-button base, on which other kitchen utensils such as tea towels, pot holders, gas stove lighters or cups can be stored conveniently and at all times.

The length of the supplied cord can be shortened: If you prefer to use as much space as possible and do without as few other modules as possible, you can also attach narrower units such as toilet paper rolls to your RYGG.

Like every other module in the RYGG product line, the roll holder can be combined with other modules or exchanged as required, which turns every VANTALE camper van organizer into a unique storage system tailored to personal preferences with just a few simple clicks.

We also offer a separately available baseplate in four different colors. This means that the kitchen roll holder can be mounted on any suitable surface in the van kitchen and still benefit from the roll-stop effect of the felt surface.


Make your life easier with the Paper Roll Holder

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