These products will help you to attach our Modules to your wall effortlessly.

Attaching our Modules straight to the wall

Here’s what you need:
• A Push Button Stencil for transferring our grid accurately
• Push Button Sockets
• Matching Screws

To make things even easier, we have prepared a little tutorial:

With this handy stencil you can precisely mark the distances of the push buttons vertically and horizontally.
After doing so, the counterparts to the push buttons on our Modules – the Sockets – can be screwed onto the wall accurately.
The stencil is printed on stiff, pre-cut cardboard.
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This is the counterpart to the push buttons on our Modules.
Screw these Sockets onto the wall using our Screws (and our stencil) in order to attach all our Modules without a Baseplate.
Manufacturer: Prym
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Countersunk screw - 3,5mm x 16/13mm
Manufacturer: Würth
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