The Variable Storage Solution

Did you know …

… all RYGG Modules can be placed on the Baseplate as you like, as often as needed.

Your Lifestyle – Your RYGG

Modify your RYGG according to your needs before each road trip.
Our Push Button System makes this a breeze.

Never leave your equipment clutter up your side compartments again. Your RYGG keeps it always within reach. Perfect for safely carrying your camera, power cords, flashlight, make-up bag, wallet, phone, sunglasses, reading material, tools, and so much more.

To the Mountains!

Binoculars, camera, powerbank and charging cable go into the Medium Pocket.
Fill the Small Pockets with power bars, sun blocker, handkerchiefs, tools, and sunglasses.

To the Sea!

For a lazy afternoon at the shore you need something to read. The Large Pocket is at your service.

And don’t forget your Dog!

Your best friend brings along some things, too! Leash, poop bags, toys, goodies, feeding bowl.
Use some Hooks to have it all ready at your fingertips.