The RYGG Storage System

Store What You Want – Where You Want

Made here, in Munich, Germany


Various colors and variants available

Your first choice if you need more storage space

Single Modules for serving every purpose

Various sizes and colors available

More Van Life Essentials

Durable yet cozy cushions
Starting from €35.00
Water-repellent toiletry kits
Starting from €27.99
Colorful key chains

New Products

The Baseplate for Fiat Ducato & Co.

The Roadgame-Kollektion is online.

VANTALE Module now on your AirlineRail.

We've created the Baseplate for your favorite Paper Roll Holder.

It's true, create your own color combination.

The Laundrygg-Module is available.


We have created an individual color spot for your camper van: the world’s first changeable hanging storage system.

It only starts to really blossom when you fill it with your gear, but due to the lean grid-based design it never looks cluttered or distracting. On the contrary, it always keeps shape, while you keep track of your equipment.


Everything is neatly stored in its place. The pockets’ size is just perfect for all the items you frequently use when on the road. Without looking about for ages you immediately find what you need, since there is no zipper or anything else you’d have to open first.

Never travel in a mess again.


Let’s write Van Tales.

Pocket Modifier
Create your own color combination – Play with our Pocket Modifier.
Bike Bags - Handlebar and Saddle