The RYGG – Your Car Seat Storage Allrounder

The VANTALE classic: Single Seat Hanging Organizers

Right behind your seat, there's a whole lot of free space.
Now you can take advantage of it.


The Single Seat Baseplate can be assembled with Modules of your choice.

Our Single Seat RYGG Bestsellers

A Place for Everything …

The RYGG Car Seat Organizer is a functional, made-to-last companion. Its Modules can be combined in various shapes, sizes, and colors applying our unique Push Button System.

The Shoulder Pads allows you to attach your RYGG to seats with integrated headrests, making it an invaluably useful gadget for any mobile home or camper van.

Enhance your Camper Van

Want to turn the seat around while your RYGG is installed? Not a problem. Watch the video (YouTube).

This is the RYGG – The Customizable Storage Solution

Create your individual Single Seat RYGG