This product will be discontinued due to the slightly different size compared to our new Aluminum Hooks

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Powder-coated aluminum
The main component of our Hook is a C-shaped aluminum ring. It’s particularly suitable for quickly attaching your utensils and very sturdy.
Push button with strong locking force
The Hook is fitted with a push button of extraordinately high strength. This makes it possible to swiftly change its position on the Baseplate and still being able to rely on its carrying capacity.


Hook: Powder-coated aluminum
Strap: Double layered corded ribbon
Loop: Paracord 500 Typ III


Dimensions: 3,5 x 8,5 cm / 1,4 x 3,3 inches
Load-bearing capacity: max. 0,7 kg / 1,5 lbs
Number of push buttons: 1

Mounting Kit


These are the counterparts to the Push Buttons on our Modules.
Screw the Sockets onto the wall using our Screws (and Master Plate) in order to attach all your Modules to a surface without a Baseplate.


High-quality countersunk screws (3,5mm x 16/13mm)

Mounting Instructions