The Fastening Cords connect the RYGG to your car seat – one up at the head rest, one down at the waist.

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A set of Fastening Cords for single car seats contains

1x Neck Cord (55 cm / ca. 22 inches)
1x Body Cord (105 cm / ca. 41 inches)


Our Fastening Cords are made of Paracord 500 Typ III, a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope.
This type of rope is known for its resilience and high durability. It’s also ideal for making steady and durable knots.
The toggle buttons are made of synthetic material (black) or wood (light brown, dark brown).


The upper edge of the Baseplate should always line up with the “shoulder” of your seat. In case the Cord is too long for this purpose, you might try the following:

• Unravel the knot and relocate it to the correct position.
• Wrap the Cord around the head rest until the fit is perfect.
• Make sure the toggle button is sitting tight with no way of slipping.


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