News – Van Life Upgrades

  • Pouches by VANTALE – The Ideal Toiletry Kit For Your RYGG

    We developed our Pouches so that you won’t have to waste time looking for your cosmetic products in the van on your camping trips. Just put your toothbrush, shower gel, deodorant, lotions and everything else you need into your Pouch and attach it to your RYGG.
  • Wall Storage by VANTALE – A Perfect Add-On For Your Van

    Our RYGG Storage System is already available for car seats (single seat and double seat). It provides a stylish way to store the equipment you need on a daily basis when traveling with your camper van or mobile home.

    Now we have developed the RYGG Wall Storage System. It’s a perfect add-on that enables you to use surfaces to make more storage space available inside your van.